Buoyant Studio's portfolio of creative works.



PICA Things We Love

Art Direction・Identity・Branding・Illustration・Web Design・Print

PICA Things We Love is a Buoyant Studio’s very own print design and production venture created with a mission to share our passion for the Japanese things-we-love. Driven by bright colours of the pop art movement and simplified design, we draw our inspiration from modern Japanese art, graphic design and culture. We leave no wall behind with our original pixel-perfect illustrations.

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Wedding Invitation

Art Direction・Illustration・Print

The soon-to-be-married couple has requested us to create a custom wedding invitation and an RSVP card set that would be elegant, sophisticated, and of course, fun! The illustrations were created to graphically represent the venue as well as the happy newlyweds-to-be, alongside the carefully constructed typography that embodies the elegance of the event. The final creative was printed and laser cut on a beautiful high quality 105lb paper stock, resulting in a breathtaking print design piece and one elated couple.




Art Direction・Branding・Web Design・Print

Financeit is a fintech company that gives its partners the tools and support they need to start offering their customers powerful financing options. As a full-time designer on the team, Buoyant Studio’s Alyona art directed the company’s branding from identity print materials (business cards, folder, the brand book, ...), to posters, sales materials, a complete new responsive website re-design, email marketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and a vast library of unique custom illustrations, to name a few.



WOKIN Express

Art Direction・Identity・Branding・Web Design

WOKIN Express is an authentic Cantonese, Szechuan and Thai cuisine take-out and delivery restaurant venture located in the suburban Brooklin, Ontario. The newly established business needed a well-positioned unique identity and a strong online presence. Our art direction, logo identity, and website creative driven by the savoury food photography and clean design delivered on client’s expectations.



Hime Himstar Journal

Art Direction・Photography・Responsive Web Design and Development

A slice of life journal for Hime Himstar the Great—an exceptionally well-loved furry feline friend. This clean editorial-inspired fluid grid responsive design site, featuring short pet journal entries alongside light-hearted photography, is full of charm and personality.



Ma Ma Chen's Kitchen


Ma Ma Chen’s Kitchen, a Chinese cuisine restaurant, has requested for our illustration skills to help them re-design their existing logo. The new logo features a close illustrated depiction of the person who inspired the restaurant venture in a retro style design composition.



Project id:East

Art Direction・Illustration・Interactive Development

Project id:East, a Buoyant Studio original, is an interactive virtual tour revealing the interrelated cultural layers of the East: China, Japan and Russia. The educational interactive site presents the cultural aspects of language, religion, tea, and culinary practices in a compare and contrast environment of learning through a gamification technique. The project is meant to acquaint the user in the cultural language aspects and traditions, as well as to show how the three seemingly unrelated cultures of the East have much in common.